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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 4, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing tonight at eight o-clock. kron-4 has learned the name of the teenage girl who was found dead in a fairfield park late last week. this comes. as police
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continue to try to figure out who killed her. and why. kron-4's dan kerman has the latest details. >> reporter: janelle conway was found in a public park. >> issue was very sweet and loving and we are really hurt by the whole thing. >> this set grandmother was just one visiting the park to pay their respects. she spoke but would not a lot cause to share her face. >> i am heartbroken. that is why i am here to show the support that we have for her loss. it is really sad that had to end this way. another person says about the teenage girl was strangled
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but police that have been investigating. she got on the school bus on thursday morning and was seen in class during the day but never made it home with thursday afternoon. we were literally this close to the playground, it is scary, very scary. >> the discovery of this body has shaken up people nearby. >> id is pretty sad that people is capable of doing something like this to an innocent young girl definitely, i would like to seek justice done. >> reporter: fairfield police should encourage all citizens or anybody to contact them if they know anything or have seen anything. dan kerman, kron 4. new tonight at eight.
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san jose police are looking for two men involved in a suspects brutally attacked an elderly woman who lives in the home. kron 4's reggie kumar shows us what that suspect may look like. >> reporter: this woman yelled of the suspect to stop breaking into the car. investigators say that he managed to gain access through a front window. and repeatedly punched the woman in the face. police say the woman and a daughter managed to escape the home and that a suspect in a second to a male suspect chased the man down the street. the same person that was insulted her in her home continued to assault her in the street and put a gun to our head and even the threatened to kill her. they called police. the suspect returned to the home and ransacked it appeared the victim was
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taken to hospital where she was treated fo a broken nose. this suspect is described as a hispanic male. 5 ft. 11 in., light complexion, with dark clothing. the victim's daughter was not injured. reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: for more than four decades. the 49ers have played at candlestick point in san francisco. but next season will be the teams last at the stick. the city has announced plans to demolish the stadium after the team moves south to its new home in santa clara. kron 4's charles clifford has more >> reporter: candlestick parks sits about 5 and a half miles south of downtown san francisco. the stadium was built in the late fifties as a home for the san francisco giants, the 49ers started using it in 1971. the giants moved out in 2000 and the next nfl season will be candlesticks last. for more than fifty years candlestick park has been home to sports, concerts, and more than a few memorable moments, among the highlights was the 1989
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loma prieta earthquake, which shook the stadium on live television during the world series. there was also this pass from joe montana to dwight clark, which was immortalized as the catch that sent the 49ers to superbowl 16. candlestick park is currently run by the san francisco recreation and parks department, but after the 49ers play there last game here next season, developer lennar urban will take over. lennar is the same company that is redeveloping the nearby hunters point shipyard. under an agreement with the city, lennar is required to demolish the stadium. something they have said will happen sooner rather than later, possibly within a few weeks of the transfer. after that, the plan is to replace the stadium with retail space and possibly a new, smaller arena. the san francisco recreation and park department has also said that there may be a ceremony to celebrate the history of the stadium as well as a public auction of memorabilia from the park. in the newsroom, charles
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clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: the 49-ers are back in the bay area tonight. after last night's heartbreaking loss to the baltimore ravens in super bowl 47. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. as the team arrived at minetta san jose airport this afternoon. die hard 49-er fans greeted them there. and at team headquarters in santa clara. coach jim harbaugh said a brief thank you as he drove away. >> pam: gary radnich will have a wrap up as we end of this broadcast. also, ravens head home from new orleans. so do thousands of fans. kron-4's j-r stone has been there since the beginning of super bowl week. he wraps up our coverage from the big easy. >> reporter: this was earlier, this scene for the nfl experience but know it is just another room. people had it back home and everything packed up.
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>> this has been an experience of a lifetime but i am not going to lie if it hurts. >> the 49ers fans are headed home. this stage that was set for the super bowl was no longer in the baltimore ravens are the champions. just a memory of what was. >> i went to the game and i was the only san francisco 49ers section. >> we were right on the ravens site. >> it has been no secret that the 49ers fans were outnumbered by the baltimore ravens fans. most san francisco franchise spoke with were quick to bring up that they said was a pass interference no call on michael crabtree. enough >> it was a tough loss. and i know that as much as you do not want to make that call you have to make that call. >> we got some momentum in our direction but it was a
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tough loss. terrible. >> nonetheless they admit that being of the game was one heck of an experience. >> in that third quarter when we had that come back all of the ravens fans were quiet and they started cheering for us. every first down. the 49ers. oo oo oo i practically lost my voice >> reporter: they describe their trip as bittersweet. and new orleans, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> right now, lots of people talking about the bizarre power outage during the second half of the super bowl. now tonight -- possible causes are being ruled out. it was the play no one saw coming. minutes into the second half, the lights inside the superdome went dark, leaving the super bowl at a standstill. inside the broadcast
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control room, technical teams scrambled to get a plan. >> what does that mean? it means about a 20 minute delay. >> reporter: with play suspended, players tried to stay loose while dome employees tried to find the problem. >> we're looking into to try to get the facts. there were no safety issues at any point in time. >> reporter: after more than 30-minutes, the lights came back on and the game resumed. despite the temporary distraction, players seemed unfazed. >> i'm sure down the road it will make for a little bit better story. >> reporter: but that story is still unfinished. new orleans energy company, entergy, and managers of the superdome say there was an abnormality in the electrical load system but do not yet know the root of the problem. one possible cause has been ruled out. beyonce's blockbuster half- time performance did not trigger the outage. as the n-f-l packs up and bids farewell to the big easy.the commissioner made it clear, the blackout did not leave a black mark on new orlean's chances of hosting a future super bowl.
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>> i fully expect we'll be back here for super bowls. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans calls the power outage an unfortunate incident-- but says the super bowl isn't over until the last visitor leaves town. so the focus is on continuing to show everyone a good time. this is not the first time a blackout happened during a football game. and it's certainly not the first for the niners. they had a power outage during a monday night football game at the stick back in december 20-11.that night the lights went out not once, but twice. >> pam: you may have noticed gas back up in the bay area. right now. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded. is approatonight, kron-4's scott rates is live in san francisco with a look at the numbers. scott? >> reporter: this is not what anybody wants to hear. 1 gal. of gasoline is $3.93.
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that is up barely 305 from one a month ago. the average price of gasoline was $3.66. in oakland, $3.57. san jose, $3.86. today. oakland, $3.85. now, as you can imagine the drivers are not happy. >> it is pretty discouraging let us hope it does not keep going. i will definitely consider driving less. >> what do think? >> to be honest i think it was just a habit of not looking at it so i do not feel the pain >> reporter: analysts say that there could be several different factors with the rising price of crude and
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maintenance to treatment plants. >> temperatures were certainly cool. >> it was only 50 degrees to daly city and half moon bay. 56 in the san francisco. pleasanton, 65. under mostly sunny skies. as we take a look of a side this system to the north. this will be dragging over northern california. with increased sea breezes and more low cloud coverage. high cloud coverage overhead as well. morning and afternoon we will talk all about it, coming up. >> coming of the dramatic
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end to the stand off with a man the dramatic end to the stand- off between police and a man holed up in an alabama bunker. with a childwhy authorities decided to move in. center stage again. as president obama hits the road to sell his plan to curb gun crimes. but first, the new information about the victims of a deadly tour bus crash in southern california. as government crash in southern california. as government records reveal a series i'm lom i woi rk for 47 differffent companies. well, te, chnically i workwo for one. that catompanypa, the united ss postalst service®, works rkfor thr ousands of home ombusinesses. becauscae at®, you cau n pay,pa print and haver packagesag picked up for free. i cai n even drop off free box. i wei ar a lot of hats. well, te, chnically i wear on. the thu.s. postal service®, no businusess too small.
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>> developing tonight. mexico's attorney general is saying, the explosion that killed more than 3- dozen people at the headquarters of the country's state-run oil company. was caused by natural gas. investigators say, gas built up in the basement of the pemex building. and was likely sparked by an electrical fault. 37- people were killed, and dozens more were hurt in the explosion. which collapsed several floors of the building last thursday afternoon.
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>> government records show. a tour bus that crashed and killed seven people in southern california last night. had at least 22 safety violations - including trouble with its brakes. the bus careened out of control in the san bernardino mountains. near yucaipa. we have now learned, brake issues were noted in at least three inspections since 2011. that same tour bus was also flagged eight- times for maintenance problems in the last four months. the bus was carrying a group from tijuana, mexico. they were on a snow trip when the bus slammed into two other vehicles. five women, a man and a 13- year-old boy were killed. >> a gunman is dead and a boy is rescued two days before his sixth birthday-- after being held hostage for nearly seven days-- in an underground bunker in midland city, alabama. the gunman - jimmy lee dykes - entered a child's school bus and murdered the driver, before taking a little boy hostage.
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dale county sheriff wally olsen expresses how he feels. after they safely rescued the five- year old boy- ethan. >> you know, i am a father and a lot of these men and women that have been sacrificing tireless hours are also parents. you know, it is a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> pam: authorities say, ethan is doing well. he was taken to a local hospital to be checked-- since he suffers from asperger's syndrome and attention deficit disorder. there is no word on exactly how the 65 year-old gunman died. >> a former navy seal sniper was one of two men killed at a shooting in a remote gun range in texas on saturday. chris kyle --known for his record number of kills as a sniper was shot and killed at a gun range in texas. veteran chad littlefield was also shot and killed.
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police say. eddie ray routh. admitted to shooting both men. after a short chase. police arrested routh. routh spent four years in the marines and was unemployed at the time of the shooting. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive. >> meantime. gun control returns to the spotlight. as president obama hits the road. trying to sell his plan to reduce gun violence in america. grant lodes is follwing this story. and tells us how the president is pushing his cause. grant? >> it almost seemed like mister obama was back on the campaign trail today. he flew to minneapolis.meeting with local government and law enforcement leaders. then the president spoke about ways to reduce gun violence.stressing universal background checks and a ban on military-type assault weapons. this comes just days after his administration released this picture.hoping to prove that the president is not anti-guns altogether -
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and that he does infact enjoy skeet shooting at camp david. >> we can make a difference. that is our responsibility as americans. we are not going to wait until the next attack, the next aurora or more in the said americans. >> a mort -- no more innocent americans the lost being lost. >> washington tonight, but before he left minnesota, he called out congress.and tonight at six, we'll hear specific suggestions on how you can influence the gun battle in washington. president obama has also signed legislation extending the federal government's ability to borrow new money through mid may. >> with a light rain and tomorrow. that low cloud coverage and the satellite and radar showing this storm
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to the north. here is the tail end. through northern california. and it will increase this decreases with more cloud coverage. and high cloud coverage with the tail portion of this cloud. let us take a look of the widespread cloud coverage expected to for tomorrow. highway 101 patchy for the bayshore and for the livermore valley. this will continue. and it could dissipate by night but still lingering for the north bay clearer conditions but some of those high clouds. as for temperatures. on the chilly side away from the coast. 36 in the santa rosa, napa, upper 30's and low 40's for the bayshore. 40's along the coast with those clouds also lingering in your the san mateo coast. upper 50s in the south bay, palo alto. 58
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degrees in san jose. for the inland valleys also upper 50s in concord, livermore. they little bit cooler for the east bayshore. and 50s in hayward. all the 50s tomorrow. 50s in ocean beach. 52 in daly city with a range for the north bay. they look at your extended forecast with more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures thursday is one that rainfall will return. light showers. it could linger from a morning. we are expecting improving conditions with more sunshine. . >> gary: coming up the quick review of the 49ers defeat it was not the referees'
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fault baltimore was better and also the great pop dorfman.. who scored cannot with advertising who did not.... warned who did with advertising. bob-- dorfman....
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a blackout, beyonce, >> controversial calls, and funny ads. there was a lot to talk about on social media today about the super bowl. slate shows us what moments got the most buzz. gabe slate tech report the most buzz is only 3 markets in texas, with a passionate make out system for old milwaukee. and based on
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people this taco bell with elderly friends, and search engines, if you average it ,,, these are the top 3 and the doritos and m &m.. t witter statistics are crazy with the top 3. and face book...and yahoo and google.
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>> next at 8-30. kron-4 uncovers new details about the man considered the prime suspect in the 19-84 disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. and a look at the work being done to get the new eastern span of the bay bridge open to commuters by labor day.
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>> jacqueline: this live look outside the golden gate bridge. reduced visibility are around a number of places. the fog could be an issue. . well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. we are getting our first look at a 13-year old girl found dead in a fairfield park. family members tell us, genelle conway was found strangled friday morning. a day after she was reported missing from nearby suisun city. investigators have not released any information about her killer. >> san jose police are asking for the public's help in finding two men who viciously beat an elderly woman during a home invasion early friday morning. this is a police sketch of one of them. police say the men chased the women down the street. and at one point on put a gun to the older woman's head. they ransacked the home and ran off. the woman was treated at a
8:33 pm
hospital. >> and the victims of sunday's deadly tour bus crash in southern california have been identified as five women. a man and a 13-year- old boy. they died when the bus collided with two other vehicles in the san beranrdino mountains. government records show the bus involved in the crash dozen safety violations in recent months. >> we have tracked down new information on the prime suspect. in the kidnapping of kevin collins. the san francisco abduction made national headlines in 19-84. maureen kelly spoke the man's former employer. in a story you'll only see on four. >> reporter: dan therrien.who you see in the dmv photo.which kron4 first brought to light last week.was better known as kelly to the people at this south san francisco custom furnishing business. his longtime partner.jack chow.which you see here.worked there for close to eight years.and therrien did some contract painting work for them occasionally. the owner of the
8:34 pm
business.who didn't want to go on camera was shocked to hear that the home the couple shared in the 80's had been searched last week by cadaver dogs and sfpd cold case investigators in connection to the kevin collins disappearance. she says that the man she knew was very nice and friendly.and that therrien and chow were very much in love.a happy couple who did everything together.having been partners more than 30 years. she said therrien worked from the sunset district home that he and chow moved to in 1997. that's where the man she described as artistic.would paint.and also fix up old cars.but in the last few years of his life he didn't work much at all.because his hands became crippled previous landlord said that chow.who is not believed to be a suspect in the collins case.was so distraught over his partner's death in 2008.that he picked up and moved away to canada.maureen kelly kron4 news. new at 8.we're always tracking neighborhood crime. here's a kron-4 crime tracker in livermore. there has been a rise in
8:35 pm
seven in just the last week. we'll show you exactly where and when they're happeneing. jan 31 - 1400 windsor jan 31 - 2200 hampton rd jan 31 - 1300 calais ave jan 28 - 600 wall st jan 30 - 1400 chaparral way jan 28 - 1100 s livermore ave jan 30 - south vasco rd. most of these home burglaries in livermore are happening during the day. tracking crime, i'm grant lodus, kron 4 news. >> pam: burglars targeting homes. while families are on vacation. right now. an investigation is underway. after a east bay newspapers list of vacationing suscribers, got into the wrong hands. kron 4's terisa estacio explains how police cracked the crime ring. nabbing two suspects. and still looking for another. >> reporter: kron four has
8:36 pm
learned that this walnut creek home was one of the houses on the vacationing subscriber list that thieves broke into - stealing a car and reportedly some personal property. and it was not the only house targeted. police believe the thieves were using the internal list of addresses for the past three months. it is unclear right now how many homes were hit. or how much was stolen. and it is unclear. how the list of subscribers asking for a temporary hold on their newspaper while they are out of town - fell into the hands of criminals. police say they discovered this crime ring after getting a tip in livermore. that is where two men were caught in a stolen car belonging to the walnut creek homeowner. the two were reportedly trying to steal another car from a vacationing livermore family. inside the car was a list of vacationing subscribers. two men have been arrested. walnut creek police are not releasing their name. they say they are currently looking for a thrid suspect. the walnut creek resident who's home was broken into. declined to talk to kron four about what happened.
8:37 pm
but other neighbors say they are spooked by the situation and one neighbor was getting a new alarm system put in. terisa estacio, kron four news. >> pam: the list was from the bay area news group. which publishes the contra costa times newspaper. a spokesperson says they have also launched an investigation. into the situation. today, a walnut creek resident who subscribes to the paper says he hopes they tighten up security immediately. the newspaper spokesperso additl security measures such as making sure delivery lists do not state whether a subscriber has temporarily stopped service or if they are on vacation. >> i think they need to do a better job that keeping that information private. all our neighbors go away and it is
8:38 pm
four or five days you know there are gone. we tried to avoid that. if you do not have somebody that can pick it up for you and you call and to get it parked on vacation mode. >> pam: the spokesperson also says they will be looking into other steps as well to protect subscribers. >> virgin america is announcing new service from san jose to los angeles international. the first flights will be going out starting maythe carrier says tickets go on sale february fifth-- for to los angeles-- while right now-- construction is underway for the news eastern span of the bay bridge. and with 280-thousand vehicles driving on it every day, completion couldn't come soon enough. kron4's justine waldman shows us what else needs to >> reporter: 210 days away. while construction is going on. there is a countdown. the days, the minutes, the
8:39 pm
seconds between now and then there is a tremendous amount of work to do painting, concrete, and also all the electrical work. and finishing up the bike path that will connect yerba buena and oakland this should be completed by tuesday, september 3rd. in oakland, justin waldman, kron 4. >> prosecutors in las vegas will not file charges against giants closer sergio incident with t-s-a agents on new year's day. romo was briefly detained at mccarran international airport after he allegedly acted aggressivley towrd the agents. reportedly after not giving them proper identification. he was facing the possiblity of six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine. romo has apologized for the incident. >> jacqueline: look outside
8:40 pm
where we are seeing some reduced visibility. most of the bay area in the north bay and the coast. and for the bay shore in the inland valleys. that fog for the overnight hours and as for temperatures it is on the cooler side. daly city, 45. 43 in novado. and for the bayshore a bit cooler as for goal for the next several days. those areas of low clouds and fog over night. partly cloudy and cool temperatures it will stay cool with even rain. on thursday we will talk more about that, coming up in just a bit. >> coming up this is a short cut that many people use but is this legal? and the next cut that many people use but is this legal? and the next for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely.
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i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> pam: now for today's market update. stocks turn in their worst performance of the year so
8:43 pm
far. after posting such strong gains for the month of january. on wall street the dow lost 129-points to fall below 14- thousand. falling technology stocks cost the nasdaq 47-points. and the s-and-p-500 lost 17- points to fall below 15- hundred. >> pakistan plans to build a an amusement park in the town where osama bin laden was found hiding. the 30 million dollar park would be on the edge of aabbottabad. the northwestern town where u-s navy seals killed the al- qaida leader in 20-11. the private venture will have a zoo, water sports and the actual compound where bin laden was hiding out was demolished last year. >> coming of the most coming
8:44 pm
up, what was tweeted the most? gary radnich is next with sports.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> pay attention to the silver car. the driver is going to take a shortcut to avoid something. in fact if you'd take a look at this intersection, and the south san francisco section of this part of town you will see this happen a lot. some drivers will even go long way. and this is driver goes an obstacle course and cuts through the parking lot. and goes on to el camino real.
8:47 pm
these people are trying to avoid the red light camera. believe it or not i cannot find one law in the california vehicle code that makes this illegal. except the city of south san francisco making this illegal to make shortcuts for private property. unless you have a written permission from the owner. i doubt anyone here, as you could get a ticket. not to mention that it is rude. some people are looking for the easy way out it is not a moving violation. if you speed you could be get an also a moving violation. un there. known hazards and the typical parking lot. many that cannot be replaced. >> if you have a comment or
8:48 pm
story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m >> jacqueline: it was cooler today along the coast and cooler for the rest of the week. we will have bay temperats will be in the 50s. and 50s for the rest of the workweek. low 50s as the rainfall moves into the bay area. first, the satellite and radar. the storm to the north. the rain will stay to the north of oslo we will see the increase in sea breezes and more high clouds. the combination would give us some cloud conditions tomorrow. fairly widespread fog is expected with the dense fog near santa rosa and high 101 patchy fog to the delta and the bayshore. the fog will be lingering and the starting to lift and other locations. with high cloud
8:49 pm
coverage to deal with. as for the temperatures it is going to be chilly in the north bay. 36 in the santa rosa, napa. 30's also for the livermore valley with a mixture of offer 30's and '40's for the bay shore. the afternoon will bring temperatures a bit cooler. 50s in the south bay. 50s for mountain view. the inland valleys also sitting in the upper 50s tomorrow. 57 in concord, livermore and cooler along the east bay shore. we will see low 50s along the coast. 53 in san francisco. and mid upper 50s for the rest of the north bay. they look at your extended forecast. with
8:50 pm
shower reconditions and light rain. rebounding with sunshine and warmer temperatures jim harbaugh even cited few autographs. the team will clean out their lockers. maybe the first question will be do you want to keep with your assessment that this was a bad call? whenever something
8:51 pm
happens at the end of the game. however, when you fall behind 28-6. the defense was poor it was more than just a no call on crabtree. however, >> there is no question in my mind that there was a pass interference. and a hold on crabtree on the last one. >> gary: and perhaps maybe jim harbaugh tomorrow or a couple of days are going to say that that is not what lost the game. but in the heat of the moment he and freight corp. said that baltimore was lucky. everybody is going to take a step back. the 49ers. if ahead this was the greatest
8:52 pm
performance. maybe. the parentsmom and dda harbaugh may have been the highlite of >> it was one of the most difficult football game in my entire career but so proud of both of them. ford jim harbaugh to fight like he has the entire life to make this a football tremendously proud >> we were receiving orders from both of us. they had a great time. it was great
8:53 pm
right until kickoff that it was not so great. >> even the loyal fans say that a john harbaugh the way that he conducts himself and that he was always the underdog. jim harbaugh was always the great quarterback and john harbaugh was an assistant coach. and good for. ray lewis, kaepernick the most tweated and this was shocking by j r stone. photograph to the south. right in the direction of j.r. stone. destiny's child and the most tweeted event
8:54 pm
of the night. and it was not her halftime show that knocked out power...her performance was on ge nerators and national adman .. you are all about this. guys in drag always work and godaddy is the worst. >> i am embarrassed and this is disgusting. (awkward kissing noises)
8:55 pm
>> this was just an ugly tennis and the sound effects made it worse. the ugly kiss and joe montana this was my favorite. >> you got montana on your jersey you washed it? go ravens...! [laughter] and it was to they have to pay joe montana for that? >> i am sure they do. >> his name still resonates and adjacent to said that that kissing scene and 45-60
8:56 pm
takes and good news from the warriors in a moment
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>> gary: here, the warriors. david lee the first player to post seven assists, 12 [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up.
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